Series on Hacker Logic, Part One: How Hackers Do Reconnaissance on Organizations

Screenshot from OSINT.
  • Social recon involves examining the human element: how many employees, how do they interact with work online, where they are based, and who’s a good phishing target.
  • Tech recon is an audit of the software and hardware that makes up the tech stack and environment that’s accessible from the internet.

Build a company blueprint with Google

Social recon: Publicly available employee portals

Employee portal found with a Google search. With a little digging and password reset, I’m in.
Publicly available employee portal login page.

Social engineering new “friends”

Social engineering sounds harder than it really is. A simple Facebook scroll and you’re finding answers to banking questions.

Tech recon: Finding the easiest target in the attack surface

  • How well do I know and understand the asset on the attack surface?
  • Is there a known vulnerability? If so, how easy would it be to build an exploit?
  • If I get in, how easy will it be to escalate privileges?
  • Is this something that might trigger monitoring, or can I go undetected?
  • Is this piece of technology known to be buggy?
  • Do I already have an exploit I can use?

Your move




moose. co-founder @randori. red-teamer. security can’t be fixed. practice how you fight.

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David Wolpoff (moose)

David Wolpoff (moose)

moose. co-founder @randori. red-teamer. security can’t be fixed. practice how you fight.

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